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Assignment 5 – feedback, response, rework and reflection.

My tutor made a number of observations after our tutorial:

  • The book format and print quality and finish are acceptable but the photograph black borders are not necessary. The borders are there to prevent the images from bleeding off into the paper white, but I will remove them for the assessment submission.
  • Where sky is included it distracts from the ‘layered’ nature of the planes. I will crop to remove the sky and see how it looks
  • The concept of the work should be further explained along with how the idea developed. This is in the later ‘Reflection’ part of this post.
  • The book submission should contain only assignment work. I’ve split the work into two small books, one for the coursework which was submitted as print, the other containing Assignment 5.
  • Try another sequence to improve the flow of images. The version for assessment has been resequenced with improved flow in mind


I have slightly cropped the images to remove sky where it was intrusive, along with reprinting the borderless versions.


As mentioned earlier in the Assignment 5 post, this started off as an investigation into how the edges of planes can work to enhance the impression of depth in a two dimensional image.  I concluded that it can and does and that it isn’t difficult to do.  I looked at how painters had used the techniques and utilised them in a digital form.

After a short while I began to find the images sterile and uninteresting; they were simply too precise, too angular and edgy. To use a bit of medical black humour, the operation was a complete success but the patient died.

I have learned that technique can swamp creativity and that in this case I was taking photographs to satisfy a technical requirement.  I should have been more willing to open up to other aspects of the basic idea and be prepared to modify or even ditch completely the original intention.

I also need to take many more photographs, which I hope will not only afford more choice in editing but also encourage in-project experimentation.