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Exercise 2.2 – Focal Length and Camera Position

The exercise calls for a number of exposures made at varying focal lengths, whilst altering camera-to-subject distance in order to keep the subject more or less the same size.  All the following are at ISO800 and f2.8 at 1/125. Focal lengths are 35mm


Although the differences between the 80mm and 70mm are subtle, a comparison of the 80mm and 24mm shows that the wider angle includes a great deal more peripheral detail. This may seem counterintuitive at first, since the wider angle images required a much shorter camera-to-subject distance – one might think that the subject would ‘block out’ more background being nearer to the lens.  But it’s clear that the wider angle includes much more content adjacent to the subject, particularly noticeable in the windows over Emma’s right shoulder.

It looks like I have been slavishly copying the examples given in the course handbook but these cloisters are in the next town along from us!