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Exercise 1.1

Four photographs of the same scene, taken within ten seconds, camera set to auto, locked-off tripod.  All jpeg, straight from the camera via Lightroom. What, if any, are the differences between each frame?  Let’s have a look:

PA031166   166166   

PA031167    167167


PA031168    168168

PA031169    169169

Nine seconds elapsed between the first and last frame.  The camera altered the aperture on the last frame from f5.6 to f5.0.  The histograms show small but noticeable differences which are difficult to correlate with changes in the images themselves.  There was a light breeze so the leaves were shaking slightly and the cat’s gaze turned a little in the last frame.

These are the processed jpeg images, generated by the camera’s own algorithm. I can’t post RAW or TIF files on WordPress, but having viewed them in Lightroom it’s clear that differences are visible here too.

Oddly, it seems that each viewer/editor renders the images slightly differently – I tried Raw Therapee, Lightzone, Zoner Photo, Photoshop, Lightroom and Photo Mechanic and each of them presented a slightly different rendition.